MyInsights Visualizations

Users can create custom visualizations to display content from CRM databases. Users can download the zip files for the following out-of-the-box visualizations or the source files. The source files allow users to customize the visualizations. Platforms with an asterisk (*) indicate the entry is supported on the platform, but the visualization is not responsive.

Entry Point Visualization Visualization File Source File Platform
Account / Account Profile Overview Account Sales Dashboard File Account Sales Source iPad, iPhone*, Online, Windows
Interaction Summary File Interaction Summary Source iPad, iPhone*, Online, Windows
Medical Dashboard File Medical Source iPad, iPhone, Online, Windows
Account Plan Account Plan Dashboard File KAM Source iPad, iPhone*, Online, Windows
Inventory Monitoring Inventory Monitoring Dashboard File Inventory Monitoring Source iPad, Online, Windows
KOL Profile KOL Custom HTML Profile File KOL Source iPad, iPhone*, Online, Windows
Orders Product Group Subtotals File Orders Source iPad, Online, Windows
Territory / Default Home Page Territory Insights File Territory Source iPad, iPhone*, Windows

Note: The JavaScript libraries are not included in the source files. See JS Libraries in the top menu.