Users can create custom content to display content from CRM databases. Users can download the zip files for the following out-of-the-box visualizations or the source files. The source files allow users to customize the OOTB visualizations. Platforms with an asterisk (*) indicate the entry is supported on the platform, but the visualization is not responsive.

Note: The example visualizations listed here demonstrate some of the capabilities of MyInsights, but do not represent the best practices for creating MyInsights content.

Entry Point Visualization Visualization File Source File Platform
Account / Account Profile Overview Account Sales Dashboard File Account Sales Source iPad, iPhone*, Online, Windows
Interaction Summary File Interaction Summary Source iPad, iPhone*, Online, Windows
Medical Dashboard File Medical Source iPad, iPhone, Online, Windows
Account Plan Account Plan Dashboard File KAM Source iPad, iPhone*, Online, Windows
Approved WeChat Approved WeChat Dashboard File Approved WeChat Source iPad
Inventory Monitoring Inventory Monitoring Dashboard File Inventory Monitoring Source iPad, Online, Windows
KOL Profile KOL Custom HTML Profile File KOL Source iPad, iPhone*, Online, Windows
Orders Product Group Subtotals File Orders Source iPad, Online, Windows
Territory / Default Home Page Territory Insights File Territory Source iPad, iPhone*, Windows

Note: The JavaScript libraries are not included in the source files. See JS Libraries in the top menu.