Veeva CRM 17R3

This document provides information for each new feature as well as updates to existing features. See the CRM Online Documentation for more information.


Smart Linking

Smart linking in MyInsights enables users to navigate and perform additional tasks directly from MyInsights to other core areas of the application.

The following is available in MyInsights Smart Linking:

QuerySaleData Method

Users can use querySalesData(queryConfig) to retrieve the appropriate sales data information.

See the querySalesData method.

Library Enhancement

The display format of the Date and DateTime field data types on the Windows 8 and 10 platforms is updated on the CLM and MyInsights libraries.

The same format is now used across all platforms and time zones, for example: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sssZ.

Template Enhancements

The following MyInsights template visualizations are enhanced for customer use with the 17R3 Release.

Account Sales Dashboard:

Account Plan Dashboard:

Product Group Summary:

Order Management

SalesForce Integrated Authentication

Users can access the Veeva Order Management API via existing integrations with Salesforce.

See Integrated Authentication for more information.

Veeva Base URL

Users can find the Base URL for their Order Management endpoint via the Veeva Common Detail Page.

See Base URL for more information.