Veeva CRM 17R2


Many new features can be enabled with Veeva CRM 17R2. With this release, some updates to the developer portal are included in this document. Documentation for these features is available on July 14, 2017 on the home page of the CRM Online Documentation.

A link to the online documentation is available via your Home page within your Veeva org.


MyInsights Sales Data Enhancements

Developers can use the existing runQuery (queryConfig) method to access aggregated sales data, or the new method queryRecord (queryConfig). With sales data access, developers can create reports that combine prescription data along with personalized user-generated data to assist customers in their day-to-day activities. To filter the sales data, the following input values must be provided: Data Type, Scale and Account Id.

See the Account Sales Dashboard and the MyInsights Library for more information.

MyInsights Library Enhancements

Developers can now use a method called queryRecord. This method returns raw data as a set of key value pairs without adding additional metadata like object labels, field labels in the returned results. Using this new method, developers can efficiently filter through large amounts of data.